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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about the AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology. If you have other questions, please contact us.

How long does the AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology continue to clean treated surfaces?

The AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology can be designed to continuously self-clean for months or even years. The AIONX® CleanSURFACES® technology will work for as long as silver and copper are present and an electrical power source remains. The appropriate longevity of these two factors is determined in the context of each application.

The AIONX® method is unique among its silver/copper peers by the efficiency with which it uses the metals. The patented AIONX® system can coax long-term efficacy out of very small quantities of native silver and copper. Moreover, the electrical power needs of the AIONX® system are relatively modest.

Is it safe to touch?

Yes. An independent laboratory has assessed the acute toxicity of the AIONX® ActivSurface® technology. These studies revealed that products treated with AIONX®’s ActivSurface technology are extremely safe to touch. Additionally, the electrical current used in AIONX® products is many times less than what is harmful or even perceptible to humans.

Will bacteria evolve against AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology?

Despite bacteria coming into contact with silver and copper in nature for millions of years, no natural bacterial resistance to the metals has ever been observed, and it is highly unlikely any such resistance will ever develop. Silver and copper kill bacteria in at least three simultaneous ways, making it virtually impossible for bacteria to develop resistance to the metals. In contrast, antibiotics kill bacteria using a single mechanism of action, making it far easier for a defense to antibiotics to occur through bacteria’s normal genetic variation.

The metals’ impact on bacteria is known as the “oligodynamic effect”.  More can be read about this natural phenomenon here.

Is it durable?

The AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology can be designed to be as durable as needed. The self-cleaning efficacy is not impacted by any commonly-used medical grade chemical disinfectants, allowing for products treated with the AIONX®  cleanSURFACES® technology to merge seamlessly into the hospital environment.

Is use of the AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology safe for the environment?

Yes. AIONX® is committed to environmental-friendly use of silver and copper. Procedures are being designed so that all precious metals used in products treated with the AIONX® cleanSURFACES® technology will be reclaimed and recycled.

* The AIONX® CleanSurfaces® technology is registered with the EPA (EPA Reg. No. 91681-1) as an antimicrobial agent that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, mold, and mildew that cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining, deterioration or corrosion on surfaces to which it is applied. The EPA has not reviewed or approved, nor does AIONX® make, any claims that its CleanSurfaces®technology has efficacy against any particular pathogenic microbes. The use of AIONX® CleanSurfaces® technology at a use site is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those practices related to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.