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CleanZones™ 10-Pack

Uniquely powerful mats that never stop cleaning themselves when any contamination contacts the surface . . . without using any noxious or toxic chemicals.

$599.50 each

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This is our versatile “workhorse”. Healthcare facilities are filled with flat surfaces used by workers for charting and as rest areas for supplies and personal items. Studies indicate that many of these flat surfaces are significant nodes in the contamination transmission network. CleanZones™ can be used to keep them all clean.

  • Contain an antimicrobial agent to continuously protect against contamination – even during active care hours and between routine cleanings
  • Possess all core benefits of the CleanSurfaces™
  • Provide continuously clean area on which healthcare workers can place work and personal items
  • Begin to clean the surfaces of items placed on them, such as smartphones and stethoscopes
  • Standard size available is 20” x 12”
  • Customizable for work areas of virtually any size