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Red One Medical And AIONX Team Up To Bring Leading Antimicrobial Products To Government Market In Era Of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Red One Medical and AIONX Team Up to Bring Leading Antimicrobial Products to Government Market in Era of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SAVANNAH, GA – As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to threaten global health, the importance of inhibiting the spread of the virus is top of mind for medical professionals. Red One Medical and AIONX Antimicrobial Technologies, Inc., are partnering to assist in this effort by bringing innovative antimicrobial products to the federal marketplace.

One such product, AIONX’s cleanSURFACES™, are self-cleaning covers used to keep high touch surfaces continuously clean—even during active care hours and between episodic cleanings.* Studies of healthcare associated infections (HAIs)1 demonstrate that contaminated healthcare environments are a major contributor to the problem of HAIs. Current cleaning protocols are mainly episodic with surfaces being cleaned at regular intervals. These cleaning methods are prone to human error with no efficacy between cleanings. Surfaces are quickly re-contaminated.

A recent compilation of third-party studies2 examined how to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and other contaminants in healthcare facilities. These studies indicate that cleanSURFACES™ may help guard against the spread of pathogens like the virus that causes COVID-19.* In particular, the report’s author finds that efforts to prevent the spread of the virus would likely benefit from the use of products like cleanSURFACES™, particularly when used on high touch surfaces where viruses may remain viable for prolonged periods.

Third-party researchers have found cleanSURFACES™ to have significant efficacy against viruses3, bacteria4, and even C. diff spores5.* In another third-party study6, strategic use of the products in a clinical setting was found to not only keep protected surfaces clean but also guard against the spread of contamination to other surfaces.*

“We’re really proud of the products we’ve worked hard to develop to reduce contamination and improve quality of care,” said AIONX CEO Gary Shope. “We’re excited to partner with Red One Medical to get this potentially impactful technology into places that we care about – veteran and military hospitals.”

Red One Medical CEO and Founder Charles Pollak said: “We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative products to reduce the frequency and impact of infection in military and veteran hospitals. As patients continue to be quarantined in US military bases, we believe—based on relevant third party studies—that one of the top products in our infection prevention portfolio, cleanSURFACES, has the potential to be a force multiplier.”

About Red One Medical:

Red One Medical is a private sector innovation partner of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers and Department of Defense (DoD) hospitals. Red One Medical identifies and delivers advanced medical and pharmaceutical technologies that transform care for America’s military veterans. Located in Savannah, GA, Red One Medical is a CVE-certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) and SBA-certified Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) company. It donates a portion of profits to charities that support veterans, military families and their communities. To learn more, visit

About AIONX:

AIONX Antimicrobial Technologies, Inc., is a private development company focused on the promotion of cleaner lifestyles, with a primary focus on helping healthcare facilities provide cleaner, more effective care. Based in Hershey, PA, the company is a leader in the class of continuous, self-cleaning technologies. AIONX owns and continues to develop its novel silver and copper-based self-cleaning technology, recently releasing the CleanSURFACES™ suite of products for use in healthcare facilities. To learn more about the company and its novel technology, visit

* The technology used in cleanSURFACES™ is registered with the EPA (EPA Reg. No. 91681-1) as an antimicrobial agent that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining, deterioration or corrosion on surfaces to which it is applied. The EPA has not reviewed or approved, nor do we hereby make, any claims that the technology has efficacy against any particular pathogenic microbes. The use of the cleanSURFACES™ is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those practices related to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

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