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Third-Party Studies

cleanSURFACES® are the only products providing the CLEAN3 Impact!


Researchers have challenged cleanSURFACES® against numerous types of contaminants in a host of environmental contexts and observed dramatic efficacy.

  • Continuous reduction of bacteria in ICU-setting (Esolen LM et al., AJIC, 2018), (Patel R, et al., 2019)
  • 99.9999% reduction of E. coli (Agile Labs, 2015)
  • 99.9999% reduction of MRSA (Agile Labs, 2015)
  • 99.8% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 – the Covid-19 virus (Mendenhall M, 2020)
  • 99.998% reduction of Influenza A (H1N1) (Mendenhall M, 2019)
  • 99.996% reduction of murine norovirus (Mendenhall M, 2019)
  • 97% reduction of C. diff spores (Cadnum J, Livingston S, 2018) (tests performed on older generation product not fully representative of current efficacy)

This is where cleanSURFACES® really begin to set themselves apart. Studies show that contamination on the surfaces of products directly contacting the mats is dramatically reduced.  For example,

  • 99.9% reduction of E. coli in < 2 minutes on surface of smartphone directly contacting cleanSURFACES® mat. (Walls C, 2020).
  • Additional third-party testing underway on MRSA.



“Clean 3” is the products’ most profound impact. Because cleanSURFACES® continuously reduce contamination on the mats themselves and on items directly contacting the mats, items that otherwise would have been contaminated and would have spread that contamination elsewhere are kept clean.  In this way, the spread of contamination is dramatically reduced to even uncovered surfaces in the products’ vicinity.

Summary data from seminal study by R. Lamendella & Wright J (2019).

  • 97% of bacterial species were either eliminated or significantly reduced on IV pump control panel in ICU rooms using cleanSURFACES® on other surfaces.
  • 89% of bacterial species were eliminated from keyboards in ICU using cleanSURFACES® (note: the keyboards were NOT directly covered with the product).
  • No C. diff was found on any sampled surfaces—even those that were not directly covered by cleanSURFACES®—in ICU using cleanSURFACES®.




  • Statement regarding data on SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19

  • Biocompatibility Study: Published study demonstrated “good biocompatibility” of the cleanSURFACES® technology with three mammalian cell lines (keratinocytes, osteoblasts, and fibroblasts)

  • Reduced contamination surfaces in healthcare environment connected to reduction in patient infection rates.