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Powerful, Continuous-Cleaning Technology

Powerful, Continuous-Cleaning Technology

24/7 continuous-cleaning mats for high touch surfaces – providing a continuously cleaner environment for your staff, customers and patients . . . all while building your brand.

Technology Background

  • Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in numerous types of environments, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Developed and clinically-proven with significant financial support from the U.S. Department of Defense under the CARES Act.
  • Product evaluations within the Veterans Healthcare Administration, the Military Health System, and civilian hospital systems are published (or in the process of being published) in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Why Continuous Cleaning Matters

Episodic Cleaners

Most cleaners are “episodic”, meaning they have efficacy only during the cleaning episode.  This allows recontamination to occur quickly thereafter – as soon as the surface is touched or used.

Continuous Cleaners

Continuous cleaners, on the other hand, eliminate contamination each time it occurs, resulting in dramatically cleaner surfaces throughout the work-day.


Show Staff You Care About Them

Our products provide a constant reminder to staff that you care about their well-being. In fact, user surveys confirm that staff feel safer and better cared for by administration when given our products.


We Can Help in Many Markets

The product can provide highly-valued, continuously-clean surfaces in diverse settings, from acute healthcare to consumer and many others.


What Others Are Saying

I think that cleanSURFACES® self-cleaning mats are the most exciting and unique anti-septic tool to come onto the market in years. As both a hospital administrator and an Infectious Disease specialist, I view the product as a way to protect both our staff and patients against pathogens that inevitably would recontaminate our hospital surfaces between cleanings.

Lisa M. Esolen, MD, CIC, Chief Medical Officer, Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital

Our patients are always asking about the cleanSURFACES® mats.  Many say they feel safer knowing we are going the extra mile to keep them protected using the latest technology.  Also, my staff of over 35 team members feel much safer since we are in close contact with the general public.

James D. Mulligan, OD, owner, Bouquet Mulligan Demaio Eye