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Product Information

Product Information

cleanSURFACES® use unique technology to provide continuously clean work areas without using any caustic or noxious chemicals.

Continuous cleaning mats for high touch surfaces.

  • Continuous cleaning efficacy for at least 60 days (greater product lifetime depends on use)
  • Adhesive-backing is available to ensure mats firmly adhere to targeted surfaces.

How It Works

Our unique technology sends a micro-electric current to any contamination contacting the product and activates silver and copper to rapidly eliminate the contamination. The electric current is safe and cannot be felt.

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Made in the USA

All product components are sourced from American companies.  Product manufacturing and assembly also occurs within the United States. Everything sourced and manufactured in USA.


Thoroughly Researched

cleanSURFACES® have been thoroughly tested and studied in partnership with the U.S. DoD under CARES Act grant funding and using rigorous EPA testing protocols.


Strongest Continuous Cleaner Available

cleanSURFACES® are uniquely powerful.  The technology virtually eliminates contamination by the time other technologies have barely made a dent. Rapid reduction of contamination is critical when addressing surfaces that are frequently used and touched.


Percent of contamination remaining after 10 minutes.