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cleanSURFACES® Continuous-Cleaning Mats

cleanSURFACES® Continuous-Cleaning Mats

Activate the Power of cleanSURFACES® Continuous-Cleaning Mats

The same clinically proven disinfecting benefits
from both the battery & plugin versions.

Uniquely powerful mats that never stop cleaning themselves when any contamination contacts the surface . . . without using any noxious or toxic chemicals.

$69.00 each

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Quantity discounts will automatically be included for orders greater than or equal to 10 mats
  • 5% discount for orders of 10-49 mats
  • 7.5% discount for orders of 50-99 mats
  • 10% discount for orders of 100-320 mats
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  • Self-cleaning for at least 60 days (longer life depends on use) without user maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • No toxic or noxious chemicals


  • Maintain cleanliness between cleaning protocols
  • Visible reminder to staff, patients, customers that surface is clean
  • Reduce costly staff turnover

Technical Information

  • S. EPA Registration No. 91681-1
  • Powered by embedded coin battery
  • To install, simply remove battery tab, place mat where desired (for models with adhesive, remove liner before placement), and enjoy months of maintenance-free cleaning
  • Recycling program available and encouraged
  • All components are sourced and made in the USA. Final product assembled in the USA.